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Artist in Residence at SPACE on Ryder Farm

I am excited to announce that I will be an artist in residence at SPACE on Ryder in Brewster, NY for a week in July 2017. I will be participating in the Family Residency, a residency that supports working artist parents, and will be attending the residency with my 8-year-old son Buddy. During the residency, I will be working on “Deslenguadas,” a solo piece that explores intersections of identity, history, language, culture, regionalism, and the aesthetics of the Southwestern United States where my family has lived for centuries. "Deselnguadas" examines how ancestral knowledges and embodied memories are passed between three generations of women, in this case from my grandmother, to my mother, and then on to me. Thank you SPACE on Ryder Farm for supporting artist parents!

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