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Las Fronterizas

The Las Fronterizas Ensemble is an intergenerational team led by six mujeres artistas from Sonora and Arizona, working collaboratively across and between borders and art forms. Yvonne Montoya, along with M. Jenea Sánchez, Isis América Tovar, Ammi Robles, Paula Ortega, Xanthia Walker, Rising Youth Theater, Border Arts Corridor and Safos Dance Theatre comprise Las Fronterizas ensemble. Yvonne, Safos Dance Theatre and Sonora-based dance artist Isis América Tovar are the dance artists in the Las Fronterizas ensemble.


Las Fronterizas Ensemble engages the communities of Douglas, AZ, and Agua Prieta, SON to develop a public performance that blends dance, music and theatre, presented on both sides of the US/ Mexico border.


The ensemble is made up of youth and adult artists from Arizona, USA and Sonora, MEX. Las Fronterizas have participated in border exchanges with artists at the Mexican/Guatemalan border.







Mis Amores Fronterizos, was a free binational dance and theater performance that took place Saturday, March 12, 2022, at the  Douglas/Agua Prieta Border Fence, West of Port of Entry. The show was the culmination of a multi-year collaborative, community-engaged research, and exploration process. The show featured new choreography by Yvonne with Isis América and a cast of dancers from Los Ángeles de Agua Prieta and Stage Dance Studio in Agua Prieta, Sonora and Bibi Danceur Academy in Douglas, AZ. The show also features choreography by guest artists Bibi Carson y Juan Luis Angeles González.

Las Fronterizas also presented the art film "Del norte a sur" was presented in Douglas, AZ, Agua Prieta, SON, MEX and Comitán, Chiapas, MEX in November and December 2021. The film was a collaboration between performing artists in the USA, Mexico, and Guatemala.

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