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The Motherhood and the Performing Arts (MPA) Project

Yvonne and her son Buddy created the Motherhood and the Performing Arts (MPA) Project in 2016 as a reflection of the challenges and joys of juggling motherhood and a career in the performing arts.


The original  MPA Project encompasses 3 components: 1) the dance film Reflections, a collaboration with film maker Dominic AZ Bonuccelli, 2) a blog, and 3) a handmade upcycled earring collection.

In 2020, the original MPA Project was re-imagined. The dance film Reflections was folded into Stories from Home: COVID-19 Addendum, the handmade upcycled earring collection was retired

In 2021, the mother and son duo decided to transition the project to reflect their love of dance, family, and travel. The new travel blog launched October 2021

Yvonne and Buddy still post about their day to day experience as a performing arts family on Instagram. It is a hodge podge of travel, family, and the performing arts.


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