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Fundraiser with Process in Place Podcast Continues!

Would you like to hear directly from the cast of Stories from Home? Are you interested in learning more about the dancers and designers stories? Curious about their favorite songs? Or stories from their homes? If so, join us on Patreon for an exclusive preview of the new Process in Place special edition podcast series featuring interviews with the Stories from Home artistic team! Listen as Delia Ibañez interviews dancers and designers and asks them thought provoking questions about their own meanings of home and ancestry.

Recent interviews feature Stories from Home dancer Esteban Rosalas and costume designer Kelsey Vidic. With more still to come!

Get early access to the podcast on

100% of the Patreon proceeds benefit Stories from Home, supporting the artistic team that make this work happen!

This podcast is a collaboration with Process in Place by Delia Ibañez. Follow

Process in Place and Safos Dance on Instagram for announcements on future podcast guests.

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