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Stories from Home World Premiere Sizzle Reel

Relive the magic of Stories from Home world premiere at GALA Hispanic Theatre in Washington, D.C. on October 28th, 2023.

Witness the extraordinary talents of dancers Ruby Morales, Esteban Rosales, Lauren Jimenez, Zarina Mendoza-Orduño, and David Bernal-Fuentes, alongside me and Salvador Martínez-Montoya. Supported by the skilled Rehearsal Assistant, Delia Ibañez, and illuminated by the brilliant Clint Bryson's lighting design, this production is truly a visual masterpiece. 

The evocative music, composed by Samuel Peña with a special song by Salvador Martínez-Montoya, sets the perfect tone, complemented by enchanting digital animations by Wesley Creigh. The stunning costumes, designed by Kelsey Vidic, Mary Leopo, and costume team, add to the aesthetic brilliance. 

Thank you to Baylie MacRae for this lovely sizzle reel.


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