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Sneak Peek of Stories From Home

On February 8th, 2023 Stories from Home had a soft premiere at the Community & Performance Art Center (CPAC) in Green Valley, Arizona. CPAC were incredible hosts and we were happy to share our work with the full house in the shadow of a gorgeous mountain in the borderlands of the Sonoran desert. Thank you CPAC!

The Stories from Home cast and crew is excited to share a sneak peek of the show with you.

Stories from Home is a series of dances embodying the oral traditions of the Nuevomexicano communities in the American Southwest. Choreographer Yvonne Montoya draws upon personal histories as well as ancestral knowledge, including stories from Montoya’s great-grandmother, grandmother, great-aunts, and father. The sections of the work -- solos, duets, and ensemble dances -- address issues such as the Nuevomexicano querencia, the Bracero Program, the creation of the Atomic Bomb in NM and subsequent cancer clusters, the experience of the Sephardim people during and after the Spanish Inquisition, 1940s Americanization programs, and the complicated histories of the SW.

Stories from Home Sizzle Reel by Dances With Tech.


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