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Moving Forces: Motherhood in Dance Interview

Dance Data Project mission is to promote equity in all aspects of classical ballet by providing a metrics based analysis through their data base while showcasing women led companies, festivals, competitions, venues, special programs and initiatives. They focus on artists of merit: choreographers, photographers, lighting, costume, set designers, and commissioned composers.

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Becky Ferrell, Research Lead and Programing Consultant for Dance Data Project. The interview premiered on January 17th, if you would like to check out the full video on YouTube you can find it here. She asked a variety of questions really diving deep into the experience of motherhood inside the dance community.

Motherhood can be a transformative experience, including for those in the dance community. Balancing the demands of motherhood with a career in dance can be challenging, but many dance mothers find ways to make it work.

One aspect of motherhood in dance is the physical impact it can have. Pregnancy and childbirth can cause changes to a dancer's body, making it harder to return to pre-pregnancy dance form. Dance mothers may need to modify their training and rehearsals to accommodate their bodies, and some may choose to take a break from performing to focus on motherhood.

Another aspect of motherhood in dance is the time commitment. Dance mothers must find a balance between caring for their children and pursuing their dance careers. This can mean adjusting schedules, finding support systems, or finding ways to involve their children in their dance lives.

However, motherhood can also bring new creativity and inspiration to a dancer's work. Motherhood can provide a new perspective on life and art, and can lead to new opportunities for growth and exploration in dance. Many dance mothers find that their experiences as mothers enrich their art and deepen their understanding of the human experience. Overall, the experience of motherhood in dance is unique to each dancer. Despite the challenges, many dance mothers find that motherhood enriches their lives and their work, and provides them with new inspiration and motivation to pursue their dance careers.

I was featured on their website and across their social media platforms.


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