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Be a part of a Global day of Generosity!

On November 28, 2023, let's come together to celebrate GivingTuesday and make a lasting impact on the arts and communities we hold dear! 


We personally invite you to join in making a meaningful impact on the Arizona, Southwest, and Latine dance communities by supporting Safos Dance Theatre. 


Your generosity truly makes a difference. Every dollar you contribute goes directly towards supporting the dancers and artists working on Stories from Home a project that captivates hearts, and strengthens connections within Southwest communities. 


Ready to make a difference? Just click the button and donate today!


All donations are tax-deductible, offering you a chance to give back while enjoying potential tax advantages. 


Together, let's support Arizona dance artists this GivingTuesday. 

Photo by Estefanía Mitre Performance by David Bernal-Fuentes 

Stories from Home Performs at SMoCA

SMOCA DEC2nd.png

Photo by Estefanía Mitre Performance by Yvonne Montoya & Ruby Morales

Artists Christina Fernandez, Ammi Robles Lizarraga, and Amanda Mollindo discuss the role of Chicanx and Latinx photography in contemporary art, its potentiality as a vehicle for storytelling and a means of visualizing the complexities of identity, and its continued importance in the documentation and dialogue of social and cultural issues. This conversation will be preceded by a special performance in the gallery space, organized by artist Yvonne Montoya and responding to themes centered in the exhibition.  


Date: Saturday December 2nd at 1pm


location: SMoCA 7374 E 2nd St Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Tickets: $10

Stories from Home Podcast Edition

Are you interested in learning more about the dancers and artists behind Stories from Home? 

Join us on Patreon for an exclusive preview of the new Process in Place special edition podcast series featuring interviews with the Stories from Home artistic team. Listen as Delia Ibañez interviews Stories from Home dancers and designers asking them thought provoking questions about their own meanings of home and ancestry. 

The first two interviews feature Stories from Home dancer and choreograph Ruby Morales and costume designer Mary Leopo. 

This podcast is a collaboration with Process in Place by Delia Ibañez. Follow Process in Place and Safos Dance on Instagram for announcements on future podcast guests. 

Listen to the Podcast 

100% of the Patreon proceeds and donations benefit Stories from Home, supporting the artistic team that make this work happen. Thank you.

intro post.jpg

Stories from Home
Sizzle Reel!

Ruby Morales in Stories from Home

Soft premiere footage of Stories from Home 

February 8, 2023

Community & Performing Arts Center

Green Valley, AZ

Yvonne Montoya and dancers featured in KQED's If Cities Could Dance | Season 5.

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