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Stories from Home

“Stories from Home” (SFH) is a series of dances inspired by oral histories collected from Montoya’s family, including her great-grandmother, grandmother, father,  and great-aunts. The work centers stories from multiple home communities throughout New Mexico and Arizona. Each movement vignette is a story; a physical embodiment of the oral traditions of northern New Mexico, Yvonne's hometown.  Yvonne and dancers draw upon embodied and ancestral knowledge(s) to inform movement aesthetics. 
"Stories from Home" will debut September 12, 2020 at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

The MPA Project

The Motherhood and the Performing Arts (MPA) Project is a reflection of the challenges and joys of juggling motherhood and a career in the performing arts. The MPA Project encompasses 3 components: 1) the dance film Reflections, a collaboration with film maker Dominic AZ Bonuccelli, 2) a blog, and 3) a handmade upcycled earring collection.
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Safos Dance Theatre

Yvonne Montoya is a co-founder and founding Artistic/Executive Director of Safos Dance Theatre, a non-profit, multi-disciplinary performing arts organization based in Tucson, AZ. Since 2009, Montoya directed and produced six showcases for Safos, led six arts education residencies for youth and seniors, and staged 17 new pieces of choreography. Under her direction, Safos won the Tucson Pima Arts Council’s Lumie Award for Emerging Organization in 2015.
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Las Fronterizas

Yvonne Montoya, along with M. Jenea Sánchez, Isis América Tovar, Ammi Robles, Paula Ortega, Xanthia Walker, Rising Youth Theater, Border Arts Corridor and Safos Dance Theatre comprise Las Fronterizas ensemble. Las Fronterizas Ensemble engages the communities of Douglas, AZ, and Agua Prieta, SON to develop a public performance that blends dance, music and theatre, presented on both sides of the US/ Mexico border fence. The ensemble is made up of youth and adult artists from Arizona, USA and Sonora, MEX. Las Fronterizas have participated in border exchanges with artists at the Mexican/Guatemalan border.
They will present "Amor sin fronteras" October 17, 2020 in Douglas/Agua Prieta.

Color the Mural

Dancing the Mural

Color the Mural/Dancing the Mural was a two-year community based multidisciplinary arts project that took place in the City of South Tucson, 2013-2015. A brain child of Yvonne Montoya, Color the mural included 264 community members who voted on the theme and design of the mural, 290 community painters from ages 0-88 , and over 30 visual and performing artists, arts administrators, community members, donors, and volunteers worked on the project. Under Montoya’s direction, choreographers created seven new pieces of choreography inspired by the images of the mural.
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Ojos Negros

photo by Dominic AZ Bonuccelli chreoography "Ojos Negros" by Yvonne Montoya photo courtesy of Safos Dance Theatre

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